Real Stories from SYMC #26

Phil Bell.

Brilliant.  Bloody brilliant, mate.  Phil and I share the same heart and mind for youth ministry.  Kindred spirits – different continents.  Phil’s from England….which instantly makes him sound smarter and more interesting than the rest of us.  Truth is – he is REALLY smart.  He ‘gets’ youth ministry.  And he’s so stinkin’ humble about it, you’d never know he gets it if it weren’t for his blog!!  I subscribed to Phil’s blog long before I knew who Phil was – he offers practical, timely, sensible wisdom for youth workers.  I can’t tell you how many times Phil has called to encourage me, challenge me, collaborate with me, or check-in on me.  He’s a true friend….

He’ll be your friend, too – but you gotta hurry up and get registered for SYMC.  It’s almost sold out.  You can also be his friend on Facebook while stalking him on Twitter.

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