11 Things I Never Thought I’d Say That I Said in 2011

Yes – I know it’s 2012 and everyone is more committed and disciplined than I because they’re all posting 12 things about 2012.  Sorry.  I’m really just now wrapping my brain around the new year!

Stick a fork in 2011 – it’s done.  And thank the Lord!!  Here are 11 things that I said (or thought loudly) in 2011 that I never dreamed would be passing through these hallowed lips.

11 – Preaching’s not so bad.  (WHAT??!!  I HATE PREACHING!)

10 – Isaac, do you have your license with you?  (WHAT??!!  I HAVE A 16 YEAR OLD SON!)

9 – Sure, I’ll be the pastor.  (WHAT??!!  SEE #11!)

8 – I can’t.  I have a book deadline.  (WHAT??!!  I’M WRITING A BOOK – AND NOT JUST AS A HOBBY!)

7 – Timmy, come here and add this for me.  (WHAT??!!  HOW DID I PRODUCE A MATH GENIUS?)

6 – Just let it happen.  (WHAT??!!  I SHOULD BE IN CONTROL!)

5 – We’re life-changing radio – 91.7, KBNJ.  (WHAT??!!  I LOVE DJ-ING!)

4 – Praying for you, buddy.  (WHAT??!!  HOW MANY HURTING YOUTH WORKERS CAN THERE BE, LORD?)

3 – Max, will you make dinner tonight?  (WHAT??!!  HOW DOES MY 10 YEAR OLD COOK BETTER THAN ME?)

2 – Katie, you’ve had more blog views in one day than I’ve had…ever!  (WHAT??!! SHE’S FREAKING AMAZING – THAT’S WHAT!)

1 – God is good.  (Nope – I knew I’d say that….because He is, even when life is a struggle.)


It’s no massive secret that I have been counting down the days until I could plunge a long butcher knife deep into the beating heart of 2011.  I hope I didn’t miss anything God had for me by looking so hard for the end.  Tis true – I’m glad 2011 is over.  But I am grateful for all that God has taught me this year.  I’m humbled that He has tasked me with some things I never thought I could (or would) do.  I’m looking forward to 2012 – and not because I want it to be ‘better’ than 2011 (even though I am not-so-secretly hoping it will be).  I anticipate this new year because I believe 2011 was merely God’s preparation for things to come.  And I embrace its arrival….


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