Real Stories from SYMC #26

Phil Bell.

Brilliant.  Bloody brilliant, mate.  Phil and I share the same heart and mind for youth ministry.  Kindred spirits – different continents.  Phil’s from England….which instantly makes him sound smarter and more interesting than the rest of us.  Truth is – he is REALLY smart.  He ‘gets’ youth ministry.  And he’s so stinkin’ humble about it, you’d never know he gets it if it weren’t for his blog!!  I subscribed to Phil’s blog long before I knew who Phil was – he offers practical, timely, sensible wisdom for youth workers.  I can’t tell you how many times Phil has called to encourage me, challenge me, collaborate with me, or check-in on me.  He’s a true friend….

He’ll be your friend, too – but you gotta hurry up and get registered for SYMC.  It’s almost sold out.  You can also be his friend on Facebook while stalking him on Twitter.

The Friday Five: Youth Ministry Leadership Conferences

OK – so there’s only one.  Over the past 23 years, I’ve been to ALOT of youth ministry leadership events.  They all had their high points.  but far and away, the best (and easily filling all five spots in the Friday 5!)…


It truly is a conference for youth workers by youth workers.  There’s a reality – an authenticity – that comes through ‘in the trenches’ youth workers designing all aspects of the conference.

Help for the hurting – rest for the weary – hope for the seeking – ideas for the searching….it tops all other training events!

And if you register in the next 3 days – you’ll get an early bird discount….which makes you not only smart, but also good looking.  :)

Take my word for it – but if you just need more evidence – check out what 5 other youth leaders are saying!  (Hey – I had to give you five of something!!)

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Early Bird Deadline expires 10.31.2011 (A $40 SAVINGS!)

When: March 2-5, 2011

Where: Louisville, KY

Here’s Where to Register:

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