#fail friday: will power at 50%

magnum-ice-cream-barCarbs ate my lunch this week – so I ate their dessert!  BOOOO!

I did a fair bit of travel this week – and I did pretty well at monitoring those little demons during meal time….but the more tired I became, the more beautiful they were!

I have a packed summer with little rest, lots of travel, and a weakness for sugar!  I must prevail!

FAT TUESDAY: Veggie Harlots

vegetables-groupVegetables. Why? Just why??

It makes NO logical sense that the best thing for a body to eat lives its entire life in dirt. Not only that, but in order to grow best it’s gotta be covered in crap. And then we’re supposed to digest that nastiness??! It’s a sick, cruel joke. To think some people choose to ONLY eat vegetables…it makes me shudder.

That said…I must confess….they work. I’ve been experimenting with the ‘truths’ my doctor has been giving me on weight loss. Hey – I’m from Missouri, Jack. You gotta SHOW ME!!

So I cut some carbs (as he asked me to), and I immediately began losing weight. A few weeks later, I decided to hop back on the carb wagon. (Hey – don’t judge me – it’s all in the name of science!) I gained almost 10 pounds in 1 week!!!

I decided I would offer my body as the same lab rat for these vegetable claims. You feel fuller longer. You poop better. You reduce your risk for chronic diseases (although admittedly I cannot be a test subject for this until I’m dead.)

Ummmm….true. All true. Dang it! I was hoping vegetables would make me sicker, fatter, and constipated.

So I have added vegetables every day, every meal. (OK, well sometimes I skip them at breakfast…though you’d be surprised at how tasty left-over stir fry is the next morning…as long as you refrigerate it!)  That, conjoined with my reduction in simple carbs, lost me 6  of my regained 10 in just TWO days!

Those dirty, nasty little veggies are kicking my lovely carbs to the curb.


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