Real Stories from SYMC #4

Jake Rasmussen.

“Honored to pray.” “A privilege to pray.” “Humbled to be able to intercede.”  This guy is a genuine intercessor and these are his mantras!  It MUST be his spiritual gift.  And as the face of Simply Tools, I’m pretty sure he would say the most effective tool he can offer is prayer.  Jake handles customer service for Simply Youth Ministry – and his spiritual service is presenting requests to the Father.  I love that.  And I love Jake for being the kind of guy who is more than a ‘settle the issue on the other side of the phone’ customer service guy – he ministers to the ministers.  It’s a value for all the Simply team – and they display is generously and graciously.

Someone is always available to pray with you at SYMC.  But if you can’t make it this year – check out this guy…he’ll get the job done.

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