Real Stories from SYMC #23

Joel & Jana Snyder.

It was a terrifying time.  My wife was pretty seriously ill.  The doctors weren’t sure exactly what was wrong, but whatever it was – it was rare and difficult to diagnose with accuracy.  While most doctors shy away from worst case scenarios, our doctor waded in with both feet. Contemplating the unthinkable – and how to share that with our children, if necessary – had taken it’s toll on me.  Enter Joel & Jana Snyder.  They prayed with me.  They asked me follow up questions.  They cried when I cried.  They shared in my sorrow – and in my eventual joy when the doctors were able to diagnose and final correct Katie’s issue.  There were many SYMC-er’s who prayed with and for us….but I will never forget Joel crying with me.

Do you need someone to cry with you, pray with you, know you?  Then get registered for SYMC today.  You can get to know Joel & Jana on their Facebook pages.

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