Real Stories from SYMC #50

Shan Smith.

I met Shan a few years ago at the Simply Youth Ministry Conference.  Shan is one stellar guy – and a great pastor.  Recently, he has defected to the dark side (senior pastor), and I can’t even bring myself to loathe him for that, as I do most.   :)

Today, Shan called me.  He knew our family has been facing a particularly ‘stretching’ time in ministry this year.  He just wanted to let me know he was praying for me and see how we were doing.  He wanted me to know that, although it might be lonely right now, we are not alone.  He just wanted to stand alongside me in ministry.

I love Shan – and he’s why I love Simply Youth Ministry Conference.  Shared life.  Community.

You can find Shan on Facebook or Twitter.  You can also find him at this year’s Simply Youth Ministry Conference in Louisville, KY.

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