Real Stories from SYMC #18

Rick Lawrence.

For something like 30 years, Rick has been the editor of Group Magazine.  He ‘gets it.’  He understands youth ministry – not just the skin surface, but the deep innards and organs.  He loves students – and those of us who work with them.  And not just the make-up face and white teeth version of us, but the dark underbelly of who we really are.  I have never (and I am NOT exaggerating) been in Rick’s presence where God has not spoken clearly through Rick’s wisdom.  It usually feels like a splash of cold water.  Sometimes that comes like the refreshment of jumping into a cold-water spring on a blistering day.  Sometimes it feels more like a  frigid glass of water jolting me awake after a complacent slumber.  In both cases – I couldn’t be more grateful.  It’s vital to have friends who can throw a glass of water in your face…and then hand you a towel and help you dry off.  Rick is that kind of friend.

Glean wisdom from him at SYMC.  Read his latest book, Sifted.  Get to know him.

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