Sometimes Ministry Shrapnel Runs Deep

Korean_War_shrapnel_ankle_X-rayHave you ever heard those stories of war-torn heroes who have memories and keepsakes of battle lodged in their bodies?  They have fought hard battles and shrapnel sometimes gets embedded where it cannot be removed.  Years later, when all but the scars are seemingly forgotten, the shards begin to migrate around the body, reminding that veteran of his valiant history – and sometimes threatening his well-being.

Sometimes ministry shrapnel is like that.

We face battles.  Sometimes we conclude service with wounds, scars, and shrapnel.  And sometimes the shrapnel is deeper and more difficult than we ever dreamed.  And just when we think those days are behind us, those sharp metal memories begin to snake their way around our systems.

Never underestimate (as I have) the seriousness of ministry shrapnel.  Don’t deny its existence.  And don’t let it lie dormant until it migrates to your vital organs.

You may be battle-weary.  You have earned those stripes.  And Jehovah Rapha (Our God is Healer) sees every bit of shrapnel you carry, where it came from, how long you’ll be nursing those wounds, and when your medical treatment will be complete.

Be brave.  Be strong – and courageous.  Be healed.

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