Stuff I Learned When the Electricity Went Out

breaker boxCity workers have been doing work in our area the past few weeks.  They keep knocking out our electricity for periods of time during the day.  Until today, I’ve known this because of the blinking tattle-tale of the alarm clocks in the house.  But today, I was at home when everything went dark….and I learned a few things in the hour our house was silent.

1.  Never put all your underwear in the same load of laundry….because sometimes a dirty pair is better than no pair at all.

2.  Don’t count on the local coffee shop for electricity to keep your computer going because a) their electricity is probably out, as well, and b) you didn’t learn lesson number 1 so you cannot leave the house.

3.  Silence is golden.  I was able to read a magazine cover to cover while I waited for everything to reboot.

4. Even on busy days, it’s OK to take a Sabbath moment.  Yes, I’m behind.  Yes, my unrealistic list of ‘must do’s’ may not get completed today (will not get completed today).  And yes, my soul found rest….and that’s never a bad thing.

Maybe I need to find the breaker box….I could get used to an occasional silence around here.  I should probably wait for the wash cycle to complete…..

Get ‘Off the Grid’ This Summer

my-feet-on-dockIn case you missed it, youth workers, summer has begun.

And even without your Instagram proof, I can already tell what your desk, office and car floor boards look like.

Even with all your careful preparation and planning….and seemingly feeling like in May you were so ahead of the curve, you have run full-splat into June…like a mosquito on the windshield.

That’s why what I am about to say to you sounds insane.  TAKE A DAY OFF!

Yes, I know the camp forms need to be itemized and filed.  Yes, I know the cooler has mold growing inside it.  Yes, I know you have to teach the next three weeks in a row because everyone is on vacation.


Get off the grid.  Summer’s still gonna be here tomorrow – and that whole long list of things to do will be, as well.  You’ll probably do a better job of tackling it with a little soul refreshment.

So head to the beach, pool, mountains, movies, DQ, Outback, Starbucks, Apple Store, or wherever you ‘go dark’ the best and just enjoy a day off. 

Turn off your phone and act like the battery died.  Don’t look at your computer and act like you forgot it at work.

Unplug and recharge everything — and enjoy the summer….even if for only 24 hours.

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