Best Thing I Heard at SYMC 2013: Day 3

figure-watering-grass1.  Water what’s strong.

Don’t waste time trying to nurse what’s dead – invest in what’s strong and allow it to overtake the weak areas.  LOVE IT!

2.  Sometimes the messenger IS the message.

Definitely sometimes the messenger enhances a message that might have otherwise been missed.

3.  I killed people in the Bible for lying to me.

Yep – God don’t mess around…so help me always be honest with you, Jesus.

4.  I don’t get carpet.

It’s a floor covering made of fiber, Matt.

5.  We shouldn’t be driven there.  We shouldn’t someday make it there.  We should start there.  (on our knees before Jesus.)

Bring me back to that place in my life, Lord, where prayer was the first thing – not the last.

6.  I am with you – even in the aftermath.

Thank God – I might even say ‘especially’ in the aftermath.

7.  God does say he care for the flowers – and they live in dirt.

God’s provision doesn’t always look the way we think it should.

8.  It’s time to focus less on the why and more on the who.


9.  I’m flippin’ Phil Bell.

It sounds so cool with a British accent.

10.  Dad, can you help me with my NHS forms?

I’d rather do ministry with that kid (and his brothers) than any other kid on this planet!

Deal Of The Day! Answers To Teenagers’ 50 Toughest Questions $4.99 | youthwork talk

Deal Of The Day! Answers To Teenagers’ 50 Toughest Questions $4.99 | youthwork talk.

Real Stories from SYMC #26

Phil Bell.

Brilliant.  Bloody brilliant, mate.  Phil and I share the same heart and mind for youth ministry.  Kindred spirits – different continents.  Phil’s from England….which instantly makes him sound smarter and more interesting than the rest of us.  Truth is – he is REALLY smart.  He ‘gets’ youth ministry.  And he’s so stinkin’ humble about it, you’d never know he gets it if it weren’t for his blog!!  I subscribed to Phil’s blog long before I knew who Phil was – he offers practical, timely, sensible wisdom for youth workers.  I can’t tell you how many times Phil has called to encourage me, challenge me, collaborate with me, or check-in on me.  He’s a true friend….

He’ll be your friend, too – but you gotta hurry up and get registered for SYMC.  It’s almost sold out.  You can also be his friend on Facebook while stalking him on Twitter.