The Friday Five

Five haphazard and  fortuitous tidbits every Friday….. good luck!   :)

FIVE BLOGS I NEVER SKIM! (I always read word-for-word!)

Youth Work Talk – my good friend and wise Brit, Phil Bell, shares a wealth of practical nuts & bolts for youth ministry!  @philbell

Glass House Spouse – my best friend, DW, shares her deep and experienced insights as a ministry spouse by answering the questions of other spouses walking that road!  @glasshousespous

How to be a Dad – an irreverent and hilarious look at parenting and family life  @howtobeadad

Doug Franklin Online – awesome, impacting nuggets of truth about leadership and ministry from LeaderTreks founder, Doug Franklin  @dougfranklin

Small Church Youth Ministry – My dear friend, Stephanie Caro, can turn a hearty belly laugh into a teachable moment no matter what size your church is!  @stephaniecaro

Wave at the Bus

Now THIS is what I’m talking about – a family whose love language is embarrassment!! or 

Seriously, there’s a depth here, folks!  Do you love your kids enough to do something silly every day, amidst protest and feigned resistance?  Can you SHOW them you care?  Are you willing to wear a sombrero??

Be the kind of parent who is creatively in love with your teenagers!!  This guy is – and it shows.

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