Who Do Kids ‘Belong’ To?

This video has created quite a stir!

On the surface, I understand why people are wary and suspicious of this philosophy.  As a parent, I believe it is my absolute responsibility to raise my kids well – to invest in them – to build, if you will, good people.

But as a student pastor, I also recognize what a tough and lonely job that can be.  I love partnering with parents to assist them in their own ‘building projects.’

Here’s the subtle difference:  one philosophy suggests that parents and ‘community’ serve equally and combined…possibly even suggesting parents turn over the building plans to someone else.  I believe that parents, however, are the primary builders — and, frankly, the most important ones.  My see my role as a community member as assisting in their building project when and where needed and allowed.

And for the record, as parents, we don’t ‘own’ our children – but we fully own the responsibility for raising them…and if there are flaws in our design plan….well, then we own those, too.


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