Real Stories from SYMC #2.5

Me.  (Darren Sutton.)

Why 2.5?  Because I’m a youth ministry professional – not a math wizard – so I had to add a day of stories!

Why me?  Because I am you.  I’m a  regular, in the trenches youth pastor represented in the ‘for youth pastors’ philosophy of SYMC.  I’ve experienced the same heart-breaks, soul-surges, and sleepless nights you have.  I’ve seen all the best the church has to offer – and walked through the mine-fields and ambushes of those offering something far and away NOT the best the church offers.  I have been filled-to-overflowing, dry-as-the-desert, and somewhere in between.  I’ve experienced that head-shaking moment when a kid you thought was getting it  just turned around and ran headlong into a life-defining mistake.  I’ve walked alongside the student playing the role of parent in their household while their parents deserved a smack in the face.  I’ve held the hands of moms and dads while they ushered their kids into eternity much sooner than anyone ever anticipated.  I’ve seen scandal rock the church and bring out the best in God’s people.  I’ve seen the wiles of the Evil One roll the church over into an eventual grave.  I’ve been the guy standing in the line of fire for my family – I’ve also been the guy pulling the trigger.

Ministry cannot be done alone.  It’s too big.  Jesus developed his own posse to walk the road with him.  SYMC helped me do that in a way I had never experience in 20 years of ministry.  Register now – even if it’s for next year.  Let me – and people just like me – walk the road of ministry with you.

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