Real Stories from SYMC #17

Matt Barcalow.

Matt – a jock I actually like….and who actually likes me (I think.)  He talks football.  I smile and nod.  I talk ice cream.  He smiles and nods. We talk youth ministry – and we both move to the edge of our seats.  He has a deep heart to make the greatest impact for Jesus.  He does it through his role as a youth pastor.  He does it through his role as a dad.  (Ask him about his recent adoption…it’s why you won’t see him at SYMC this year.)  He does it as a good friend.  Matt’s a good enough friend that I might just be persuaded to sit through an entire _______________ game….you fill in the lame sporting event thingy here.  He makes it easy to focus on the things that bring us together.

You’ll want to come to SYMC to meet people like you – and people not like you.  But if you want to meet Matt, you’ll have to do it virtually.  He’ll be in China picking up his new daughter!

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