Real Stories of SYMC #37

Matty McCage.

There it is.  I told you there’d be more than one for him.  Here’s the thing.  Matty will say anything.  He’ll say things that will make you laugh.  His words will sometimes make you blush.  Occasionally, he’ll tick you off. But the words I treasure most from Matty are his words of challenge…never tendered with mercy, but filtered through that spiritual gift he tries so hard to hide!  :)

In the last year, I was making a transition in my church.  It was a difficult transition that required some truth-telling.  In true ‘people-pleasing-confrontation-avoiding’ fashion, I was finding all kinds of reasons but the real one to share as my ‘public persona.’  As Matty and I were discussing this, he straight up called me a liar.  Now let me just say – although I really like to be the ‘good cop’ in a conversation, I have no issues being the one who ‘tells it like it is’ (they don’t call me the Youth Ministry Drill Sergeant for nothin’!)  I don’t like to shrink beneath a veil of subtlety or ambiguity.

When Matty verbally slapped me upside the head using my own technique, I was truly stunned….almost speechless, which rarely happens to me.  I tried to talk around the truth and massage the conversation – but Matty was undeterred. And I realized in short order that I would not be able to pull the proverbial wool over his heart-seeing eyes.

He wasn’t mean – he was merciful.  He challenged me to lean into who I was.  He pushed back just enough to remind me that leading isn’t always easy or convenient.  He reminded me that truth should win.

I will never forget that day.

Do you have people in your life who remind you who you are?  You can – register today for SYMC.  And be sure to meet Matty.  He’ll probably be in the bookstore or at the registration counter.  If not, you can catch him on Facebook or Twitter.

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