Real Stories from SYMC #31

Katie Sutton.

My all time favorite SYMCer!!  Last year I had the privilege of leading a connect group with Katie.  I’ve had the privilege of sharing my life and ministry with her for the past 24 years.  She is wise, passionate, beautiful, and holy.  She is absolutely the unsung hero of our student ministry – and I think everyone around me knows it.  The only reason anything I’ve done in student ministry has met with any measure of success has been because God saw fit to join me with this woman.

I am so proud to serve with her – and serve her (though I’m rarely good at that!)  This year, she’ll be teaching youth workers how to better understand and minister to their spouses and she’ll be teaching spouses how to stand alongside their partners in life and ministry.  I’m honored to carry her books.

No other conference invests in the total life of the youth worker like SYMC.  Register today – and bring your spouse.  Meet Katie before you get there at – or find her on Twitter and Facebook.

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