Real Stories from SYMC #43

Kami Gilmour.

I’ve never met someone with a more authentic, tender heart for youth workers.  As SYMC participants complete their youth worker profiles, Kami squirrels them away in her binder as though they are jewels.  That’s because to her, they are!  Each profile – each SYMC goer – represents to her beautiful, priceless gems of the Kingdom.

When I registered for SYMC the first time, I got a personal email response from Kami.  I instantly knew this would not be a typical conference experience.  Kami is not a typical conference planner.  Her passion and compassion for youth leaders drives every decision she makes.  We have no stronger advocate on Earth.

Register for SYMC now and get to know your greatest cheerleader!  You can also connect with Kami through Facebook or Twitter.

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