Real Stories from SYMC #7

Josh Griffin.

Have you been to this guy’s website?  If you have served long in youth ministry, chances are you have been by a time or twelve.  Do you receive the Youth Ministry Daily e-mail?  (If you don’t, you should.)  Josh is half of the mastermind behind those articles.  If you have spent 3 minutes around Josh, then you know – it’s solid content.  Solid advice from an in-the-trenches guy.  Now let’s break it down…and rip off a little luster.  Josh is the youth pastor at Saddleback Church.  He hangs regularly with some of the biggest ‘names’ in youth ministry – I mean, c’mon – he IS one of the biggest names in youth ministry (if there is such a thing).  His website rocks the world….and I heard some rumor that he owns like half of the Star Wars franchise.  He has every reason to be a glory hog.  And that’s what I love about him most.  He isn’t.  He ‘surrenders’ his platform to others regularly.  He listens as much as he talks.  He gives a voice to ‘normal’ youth workers and celebrates it.  It must be one of the truest examples of humility I know.

You wanna meet ‘famous’ youth pastors who don’t know they’re famous (or act like it)?  Then get registered for SYMC.  It’s only a week away….and face it – you’ve planned mission trips in less time than that!  Josh will be there, too….but you can also meet him here.

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