Real Stories from SYMC #10

Thom & Joani Schultz.

Let’s talk about a commitment to student ministry, shall we?  Thom Schultz started a little youth ministry newsletter a few years back – maybe you’ve heard of it….Group Magazine.  Through Thom & Joani’s hearts for teenagers, kids, and the adults who work with them – and by the blessing of God – youth and children’s ministries have never been the same.  Their knowledge and passion for developing usable, engaging resources for adult leaders is only outweighed by their love and passion for the leaders themselves.  Though they lead one of the leading ministry resource companies in the world, they still serve and know youth workers.  I’ve never been to an event at Group Publishing where Thom and Joani did not invite the youth workers to dinner in their home.  (Which we all know is like inviting a rhino to a tea party!)  Once, Thom even cooked for us.  (At least that’s the story – he could have done what I do…buy something really amazing and then put it on my own plate so it looks like I’m an Iron Chef.  But I don’t think so.)

Let’s face it.  Without their zeal for youth ministry, the Simply Youth Ministry Conference would not exist.  So thank you Schultz family – for loving students, their leaders, and Jesus enough to sacrifice your entire lives for the cause.  I hope I can run the race as you have.

You can run your race better by attending SYMC.  You’ll meet Thom and Joani there, as well…or you can find them online by clicking on their names.

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