Real Stories from SYMC #28

Jason Lamb.

I remember the first time I sat at a round-table discussion with Jason.  I wanted to pull out all my hair…and then I wanted to begin on his!    We were not speaking the same language.  Looking back now, I realize I was on an FM station and Jason was satellite radio!  We were tasking specifics and Jason was on big picture….universal picture, really.  I wanted to accomplish the task at hand.  Jason wanted to know how accomplishing that task would affect global youth ministry for the next twenty years.

That’s how Jason thinks.  Big picture.  Widescreen.  Jason has recently transitioned back into local youth ministry (and I’m told is feeling the hurt!)  But truth be told, his heart was always there.  From his role at Dare 2 Share to his many ministry endeavors, his truest and always well-revealed heart is youth ministry.  And while I think he’s always been right there in the trenches, regardless of where his office was….it’s nice to have him standing nearer the same battlefield I’m on!

You’ll meet lots of experts in student ministry at SYMC.  Some of them may even be teaching a conference!  Register now.  And find Jason in all his glory on Facebook or Twitter.

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