The Interview Disconnect

job-interviewLet’s face it – interviewing for a new student ministry position can just stink a million ways to Wednesday.  And you can only glean so much in a phone conversation or through a carefully worded and re-worded questionnaire.  So remember a few tips as you navigate the process.

1.  Always be who you are…not who they want you to be or who you think they want you to be or who you think you should be.  If you’re honest about who you are, you never have to remember who you portrayed during the interview.

2.  Don’t ignore red flags….no matter how desperate you are.  Sometimes the interview process can be gruelingly slow.  It can become easy to explain away your initial red flags as ‘I was being overly cautious’ or ‘that’s probably not what they really meant.’  Well maybe that’s the Holy Spirit giving you discernment.  Don’t slough it off no matter how much you’re ready for a student ministry position.

3.  Don’t blame all the rejection on God…or on yourself.  On more than one occasion churches have denied candidates because they didn’t meet some man-made quotient designed by a committee…or because they were to old, fat, ugly, single, married….you name it.  Sometimes rejection comes because man is prone to look at the outward appearance.  Never forget that God looks at the heart (and those rejections might actually be sparing yours!!)

4.  Be willing to wait.  I heard somewhere that renews your strength.  (I don’t always FEEL that way about waiting, but I cling to what I know!)

5.  Be gracious and let it go.  If the interview doesn’t go your way – be appreciative for the opportunity.  Sometimes the interview process isn’t about getting the job.  We serve a God who works in some weird ways…maybe the interview was just about ministry.  Maybe you said something someone needed to hear or vice versa.  Know that God works in an unseen, sometimes illogical realm.  Let Him do His thing.

God has a plan…and even when we’re hurting and frustrated and desperate and don’t want to hear that, it doesn’t make it less true.  Be part of His plan during your interview process…no matter where or how long that takes.

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