Fat Tuesday: The Scale “Moment of Dread’

bathroom_scale_501780050Well…it’s the moment I have been dreading all summer.

After more than five weeks of travel in less than two months, I have to renew my relationship with the scale.  I’ve spent more than a month eating school cafeteria food, airport quick fixes…and Skittles.  (That’s a long story – but it had to be done.)

Aren’t we funny people.  In my head – my only goal was not to gain anything….knowing that I had easily gained 10 pounds.  BUT INSTEAD I FOUND THAT I LOST THREE POUNDS despite carbs at inopportune times and a supreme lack of edible vegetables.

And instead of being completely elated, I was instantly disappointed that I hadn’t lost more.  OK – wait a minute – didn’t I just say my goal was maintenance?  And didn’t I exceed that goal with a loss?

Yes.  Yes I did.  And I am proud of that – and I am banishing the crazy voices that continually tell me I will never reach my goal weight.  Yes, I will….3 pounds….or 3 ounces….or one small victory at a time.

FAT TUESDAY: The Myth of ‘How You Feel on the Inside’

fat tuesdaySometimes I hear people say (oh, wait, maybe it was me), that losing weight is all in your mind.

‘Think thin and be thin’.  Or some crap like that.


I agree that losing weight is an inner struggle for most of us.  I also concede, from personal experience, that the war begins in the mind and heart….

…but the battle is won in the mouth and on the table.  I can ‘think thin’ all day long and still continue being the fat guy with a fit guy on the inside.  Wholeness needs both.


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