#fail friday: cranky

crankyRecently, I’ve been cranky.  OK – we all know the truth – it’s not just recently.

I have uncovered something about myself that I don’t care for but continue to bask in.  When I internalize stress/worry/frustration/sin/garbage, it leeches out through cranky.  And usually, I don’t slough it off on unsuspecting retail cashiers or restaurant wait staff.  Occasionally a stupid driver will get an over-reaction of crazed shouting that they never even hear.  Unfortunately, Katie and my boys get the steady stream.  I don’t throw things and tirade and fly off the handle (usually).  I dish it out slowly…as if I’m measuring treasure that shouldn’t be squandered.  I’m terse.  I’m short.  I’m harsh.

Wouldn’t it just be easier to say, ‘Hey gang, I’m totally stressed out today.’?

I’m sure it would be on them…..I should try that.


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