If I Was Miley’s Youth Pastor…

Miley-Cyrus_-650x436Everyone (including me) is a-twitter about Miley’s performance on the VMAs this week.  (Thus, accomplishing exactly what Miley’s producers and handlers surely hoped would happen!)  Publicity is publicity, good or bad.

Most of us remember the sweet days of Hannah Montana – and Miley’s resolute stance on the role faith played in her life.  Those days certainly seem dichotomous with what was on the MTV stage the other night.

So if I was Miley’s youth pastor, how would I respond to her?

1.  I would remind her that she is loved.  I would let her know that there are people around her who are for her, not against her.  And that she is loved with an everlasting love that’s steadfast, never-ending, and not based on performance.

2.  I would tell her that she’s a treasure – and I look forward to the day when she sees herself that way…and treats herself that way.

3.  I would caution her not to make choices in her decade of decision that will follow her into her decade of consequence.

4.  I would jog her memory of days gone by – and suggest that should she ever decide to return to those convictions, she can always, ALWAYS find her way home.

5.  And then I would punch Robin Thicke in the throat.

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