Set New Big Goals

GoalsI’ve been mulling and marinating on a few thoughts this week.

It’s been a long time since I set some goals.  Real, write-downable goals.

My wife’s been gently prodding me for several years to make a new list.  In the past five years, pretty much every youth ministry goal I ever had, God brought to completion.  Dreams that I thought would take a lifetime to accomplish…if I ever did…God has graciously granted and I’ve still got some good years left in me!

I’ve been around the bend in my mind wondering what new goals might look like, but not seriously thinking them through.  But this week, I am reading a book that devotes an entire chapter to goal setting.  And then, from the clear blue, my son whips out his iPod on the way home from Iron Man 3 and starts enumerating goals that he has apparently been writing down for several years.  And I’m not talking small goals, like graduate from high school.

He wants to establish a memorial wildlife reserve in memory of our friend, Cindy Schweirzke…with a division devoted solely to otter study.  (Cindy’s favorite.)  He wants to found a fund that would invest in unemployed pastors and new works.  (Imagine that!)  He wants to help his brothers accomplish some of their dreams, as well.  Big dreams.  And do-able in the capable hands of God.

So I’m listening God!  It’s time to dream some new youth ministry dreams.  If you’ve reached some ministry goals and dreams, it’s time for you, as well.  What are they?  Dream big.  I am!

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