Real Stories from SYMC #38

David John Perez.

Do you call him David?  Do you call him John?  Just call him friend.  I do.

DJ is one of the hippest guys I know.  He ratchets out fresh beats and has ridiculous dj skills (as in ‘disc jockey’ – not his initials!  Maybe I need to ask him which came first!)

But the most notable characteristic David exhibits is a passion for Jesus.  He has the most honest, humble heart for obedience I think I’ve ever encountered.  He loves his family.  He loves his church.  He loves his teenagers.  But mostly, he just loves Jesus.

He’s also a status-comedian, Top Chef wannabe, and caring friend.

You’ll know all of this first-hand when you register for SYMC.  (And hurry, you can still get a discounted registration for a few more days!)  You can also know this by stalking DJ on Facebook or Twitter.

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