#success saturday: the basilisk fang

A good friend told me if I was going to make #fail friday a recurring theme on the blog, that I should also be doing a #success saturday.

I thought about it for 3.4 nano seconds and knew she was absolutely right.  It’s another step toward wholeness for me.  I am a success addict (meaning I hate failing – and won’t even try, sometimes, if success is not assured.)  But I still haven’t really learned how to celebrate a success.

So – on Fridays I get real about screwing up – and on Saturdays, I’ll take a little time to commemorate.  Sometimes those achievements will be big – and sometimes they’ll be just big enough to say ‘I did it.’

I made a commitment last summer to wholeness – weight loss or not, I wanted to be complete.  And I started on a journey of self-discovery that I had theretofore never attempted.  It’s been enlightening, excruciating, at times comical, and very healing.

This week I made a colossal self-discovery.  And with that discovery, I became a demon slayer…literally and figuratively.  It felt a little bit like this.

It wasn’t as bloody – but it was definitely as monumental. Slay your demons.

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