Coke-junk-food-BouquetIt’s been an exhausting week.  Playing single dad while my wife recuperates from surgery, several major projects on my immediate horizon, and trying to balance my checkbook with my budget have combined for the perfect sleepless storm!

I realized yesterday…unfortunately, after I had already succumbed…that when I am tired, I turn to sugar.  And especially when I don’t have time to be tired.  I recognized this when I came out of our corner store with $12 in nothing but junk food.  (In my defense, one small box was for the kids to share!)

I’ll have to research this because I truly don’t know….what are good energy boosters when you’re crashing?

Oh, by the way! Beginning in October, Fat Tuesday (and all my weight loss journeys) will be chronicled in a brand new blog!  Stay tuned next week!

#fail friday: will power at 50%

magnum-ice-cream-barCarbs ate my lunch this week – so I ate their dessert!  BOOOO!

I did a fair bit of travel this week – and I did pretty well at monitoring those little demons during meal time….but the more tired I became, the more beautiful they were!

I have a packed summer with little rest, lots of travel, and a weakness for sugar!  I must prevail!

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