FAT TUESDAY: Carbalicious

carbohydratesMy world has sufficiently been rocked in the past few weeks.

My approach to weight loss has always been a pretty ‘balanced’ diet low in fat.  But recently, my doctor said  ‘au contraire mon frere.’  You’re better off to watch your carb intake than your fat intake.

I quickly informed him that I thought Atkins was a kook and I had no intention of cutting out all carbs in favor of drinking half and half and eating bacon at every meal (though, in some sick way, it does sound divine!)  He told me not to completely cut out carbs, just to track the kinds of carbs I was consuming – and when.

So I began studying up on complex carbs, simple carbs, carbs on accident, carbs on purpose, carbs, carbs, carbs!

I’m no expert, but it made a butt-load of sense to me.  So I tried it….just for one week.  I cut WAY back on my carbs (I didn’t realize how many carbs I actually ate in a day!)  – and the carbs I did eat, I ate early and with complexity!  :)   I dropped six pounds.

Conversely, I’ve been “testing theories’ the past few weeks (translation =– eating very few vegetables and whatever, whenever carbs.  Let’s just say – the results were equally dramatic.

There’s definitely something to the carb debate.  And though it pains me to become one of ‘those’ people who would opt for colored packets of fake deliciousness as opposed to good, ole’ fashioned sugar, I fear I may need to succumb to the brainwashing.  I wonder if someone can come up with a brainwashed version of ice cream??  (And don’t tell me sorbet, sherbet, or that no sugar added crap — it’s not the same!)  No….I may just have to give that one up altogether….that’s gonna be a tough one.

But on the path to wholeness – touch decisions have to be made.

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