FAT TUESDAY: Abercrombie

no%20fatWell, well, well.  Finally, a CEO has the fortitude to speak the truth.  A&F top dog, Mike Jeffries, made some comments a few years back that have recently resurfaced regarding who is ‘cool enough’ to wear Abercrombie clothing. (This is a link to the original story.)

Wow — where to start?? – I’ll keep it brief.

A)     Fat does NOT equal uncool.  Have you heard of Jack Black, Santa Claus, or Darren Sutton?  Allowing ‘fatties’ to wear your clothes could only elevate your overrated brand, from what I see.

B)      Apparently Mr. Jeffries doesn’t understand that A&F obviously wants NO ONE wearing their clothes, since they rarely advertise using anything other than topless or otherwise underclad models.

So how should a fat person respond to this news?  They shouldn’t even waste time being offended.  Mr. Jeffries, Abercrombie, and retailers like them are not worth our time, our thoughts, or our money.  What makes someone cool is not what they sport on the outside.  One would think a well-educated CEO would already know that…and if he didn’t, possibly he would know when to keep his fat mouth shut in favor of good business and customer relations.

And while companies in America have every right to cater to whatever clientele they prefer, Americans have every right to never, ever shop there again.

Just sayin’.

Below are a few ways people have chosen to respond to A&F’s ‘announcement’.





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