#fail friday: will power at 50%

magnum-ice-cream-barCarbs ate my lunch this week – so I ate their dessert!  BOOOO!

I did a fair bit of travel this week – and I did pretty well at monitoring those little demons during meal time….but the more tired I became, the more beautiful they were!

I have a packed summer with little rest, lots of travel, and a weakness for sugar!  I must prevail!

#fail friday: blog count

blog_statistics_tutorial_iblog4meIn some ways, this could actually also run for #success saturday!

Just like my article on losing weight garnered more attention than my youth ministry articles…Fat Tuesday has overtaken my youth ministry blog – with more than double the daily readers!!  It’s ironic that my youth ministry blog hosts more searches for weight loss in one month than it did for youth ministry in three years!

Maybe I should make being fat my business??  I don’t know – but it might mean Fat Tuesday will become its own separate blog so my youth ministry readers don’t have to wade through it….or my Fat Tuesday readers don’t have to sneak through my youth ministry posts!   :)

Thanks for reading!!

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