#fail friday: curse of the dad taxi

TIN_DISPLAY_DADS_TAXI_OWN_BWMost fathers would kill for my flexible schedule.  I can take my kids to school, pick them up from school, go back to the school 12 times for all the crap they forget at home.

Band camp started last week – and I have met myself coming and going from the school.  Add in the schedules of two other kids – not in band, but watching dogs and planning art shows and finalizing dentists and physicals before school starts….if my bath tub was clean, I might shout ‘Calgon – take me away!!’  Oh….but I can’t, because my bathroom isn’t clean….neither are my dishes or my laundry because I have been moon-lighting (and day-lighting) as Darren the Dad Taxi.

Why is this a fail?  Because most dads don’t get this kind of opportunity with their kids….especially as the round the corner to adulthood.  And all I’ve done is gripe about it – and the gas – and the time – and the stupid schedule – and the parking routine.

Fortunately, this is an easily corrected fail….by all of us.

And it’s probably payback for the days to come when my boys will be driving me to and from the retirement home and proctology appointments.

Author: Darren Sutton

I've been in student ministry nearly 30 years…which generally just confirms how much I still don't know. Some days I'm the pizza-eating, over-responding, teaching-on-the-fly, desperate-for-volunteers, frustrated-with-co-workers youth leader that we all are. And sometimes…I knock it out of the park. I'm everywhere on social media that you are!

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