The Great Cat & Mouse Game

Have you ever watched a cat play with a mouse.  They bat it around with their paws.  They let it run just far enough that it thinks it has made a way of escape – only to find itself being pulled by the tail back to its captor.  They carry it around – drop it – pick it back up again.  They pretend to ignore it – then pounce just as it tries to make a run for it.

It’s a pretty entertaining show….for everyone but the mouse.

Sometimes the walk of faith feels like this to me.  I’m knocked around – toyed with – oblivious to the size and true power of that which holds me – and dangerously safe unless the cat gets carried away.

Good thing I trust the cat.



Author: Darren Sutton

I'm a dad - husband - veteran youth pastor. I'm trying to follow God's call on my life, despite my own shortcomings & because of His unfailing love.

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