Real Stories from SYMC #32

Andy Brazelton.

Andy embodies someone who is called to youth ministry – and knows how he should express it.  I love that Andy embraces his call in a unique way.  I love that Andy’s method of impacting students comes through quality resources and equipping the adults who lead teenagers.  And I especially love that he has leaned into that calling – embraced it – without apology.  (You can tell every time he gets called to stand in front of people how much he embraces his ‘behind-the-scenes’ life.)

But I want to bring Andy out front today.  It’s his commitment to youth ministry and heart for youth workers that make The Simply Youth Ministry Conference happen.  He has become a good friend – and he is a really good man – and a great youth ministry.

Meet Andy at SYMC this year.  Get familiar with his more ‘distinctive’ qualities on his blogFacebook, or Twitter.


Author: Darren Sutton

I'm a dad - husband - veteran youth pastor. I'm trying to follow God's call on my life, despite my own shortcomings & because of His unfailing love.

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