Real Stories from SYMC #42

Will Gregg.

What a genuinely nice guy.  I actually didn’t meet Will at SYMC.  I met Will at a planning session for the conference.  I’m so glad I did.  We had a little more time to talk and get to know one another.  Will is as open and authentic as they come.  He shares his struggles and joys equally.  He’s not inhibited to ask for prayer or to offer it to those in need.  I (and many others) count him a true friend.

You can make friends like Will by registering for SYMC.  Will can be your friend on Facebook.

Author: Darren Sutton

I've been in student ministry nearly 30 years…which generally just confirms how much I still don't know. Some days I'm the pizza-eating, over-responding, teaching-on-the-fly, desperate-for-volunteers, frustrated-with-co-workers youth leader that we all are. And sometimes…I knock it out of the park. I'm everywhere on social media that you are!

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