Real Stories from SYMC #49

Matty McCage.

Matty McCage will definitely get more than one story.  He’s just a ‘multiple-story’ kind of guy.

I will never forget the first phone call I ever received from Matty.  (Actually – it wasn’t the very first phone call – it was just the first phone call where he actually got through our secretary on the first try!)  It was one of ‘those’ phone calls.  You know – the kind where simply shutting your office door doesn’t really suffice.  I found myself wandering across the courtyard, into the children’s wing, and settling in to a rocking chair in the bed babies room.  It was only then that I felt I could freely speak about the newest drama to engulf my church.

A trusted friend and colleague had embezzled…a lot.  There was no way I would be able to attend the conference.  We weren’t even sure the church would stay open.

Matty’s incredulity was somehow cathartic for me.  His shock on my behalf somehow communicated that it was OK for me to be shocked….and hurt…and mad.  His disbelief gave me permission to be stunned.  His genuine concern for my church and my family gave me a safe place to wonder what might happen to us.

And then, he made a way for me to come to the conference anyway.  Fortunately, I already had my airline tickets and a family from my church generously offered to cover my hotel expense.  Then Matty made me an offer I simply could not refuse….and that was good.  Because at that moment, I needed the Simply Youth Ministry Conference more than ever.

Register for the Simply Youth Ministry Conference.  If you register this weekend, you’ll save a few bucks.  The investment is worth it.  And you’ll be invested in, too.

You can connect with Matty on Twitter.

Author: Darren Sutton

I've been in student ministry nearly 30 years…which generally just confirms how much I still don't know. Some days I'm the pizza-eating, over-responding, teaching-on-the-fly, desperate-for-volunteers, frustrated-with-co-workers youth leader that we all are. And sometimes…I knock it out of the park. I'm everywhere on social media that you are!

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